Hey, welcome to a wild place. It all started when I got together with some other Profs  at Fordham University and we launched the Environmental Studies program. When I discovered ecotourism and how sustainable travel (yes, heading to destinations of spectacular beauty) could work to conserve wild places around the globe, I was hooked. I started writing about it. Then, through a superb serendipity, I signed up to write a DSCN3314-1Caribbean travel guide for Frommer’s. I dove into so much of the Caribbean that most of it wouldn’t fit in that one book.

So here are some stories based on the wonderful press trips I took. But when the travel writing muses come to visit, they don’t like to leave. I’m still looking for certified “Blue-Water” beaches, protected charismatic animals, creative sustainable destinations, green architecture and slow food, intriguing guides with small environmental footprints, and the “best exotic” places where mingling with the locals is what you do. It’s a big gorgeous green and blue planet we’re on; let’s go see it!